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Elly Helcl

Sniff...I hate people right now...


I FINALLY get to reading "The Succubi Diaries" by Jill Myers...I was lost in them for TWO DAYS...and how does that end?


Because of lack of interest in the series, the publishing house will not be purchasing anymore books in the "Succubi Diaries" series.


ARGH!!!! I think I hate everyone who passed up on these books!


I love Jackie, and Zane, and Noah, and Remy!!! I like this twisted weird messed up group of weird immortals...and now, there is no more...


How can crap like 50 Shades of Grey get a following that is ruining books (seen all of the copy cat writers lately) but this series sits almost unnoticed?


To say the least, I am disappointed...I read the author note at the end hoping to read when the next book comes out...not to read that my newest obsession had come to an end before it could even start :(


I am going to miss these books...I will have to look up her other writing names and try some of those books out though. I really enjoy Jill Myers writing style.