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Elly Helcl

I hate Fifty shades of grey...

Surrender - Melody Anne

Okay, I am giving this three stars but seriously...enough is enough with the billionaire bad boy looking for little miss sweetie pie.

How many billionaires are there to go around??? Just stop it already!

Whatever happened to two people with jobs falling in love...

Anyhow, this book...it's well written, it's executed fairly well...

The whole, I'm taking the mistress job, no I'm not, perfect job falls in my lap RIGHT after I turn down the mistress job, but GASP, I am shocked that the man who wanted me as a mistress was the one who got me the job.

The mom with cancer, desperate straights, needing lots of money now, rich man bails her out...its just so cliche and overdone.

This author did well with the old cliche, I'm just tired of reading hundreds of versions of the same story