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Elly Helcl

Learning a new editor...

My current editor is VERY different from my first editor. She has these things she calls a "style sheet" and they may be the bane of my existence right now :)


She says if you use towards (notice the S at the end) then it should be that way through out the book...and she has tons of other examples.


Like "Aloud". She wants me to change all "Out loud's" to aloud. But I dislike reading or writing the word aloud...so we are going to go with out loud.


She initially wanted me to go through all of my books and change okay to O.K. And I was just like, no. It looks like slang when you type O.K. and it looks better as okay to me. As a reader, when I read O.K. it sounds like it is being emphasized...and I wrong?


She is a neat lady though, been in the industry for a long time...


And even better...we are down to one more read through (once more for me and once more for her) and I am ready to publish Aria's Redemption! 


Once Aria is published I can focus on finishing my YA novella and finally move on to my really exciting one...the one about zombies :D I have been working on that one for a year! I am ready to jump into writing it!


Anyhow, any other writers out there who remembers what it was like to learn a new editor (and for the editor to learn you).