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Almost unreadable turns into a must follow....

Crossover - Mireille Chester

The beginning of this had me wanting to DNF it. There was just something about it that screamed "I am going to suck big donkey dick!"


And then, the author managed to pull me in and take this vanilla love story that I was expecting, and turn it into a very good book.


There are so many twists and turns that I am not really sure what I can say without ruining it...but, I CAN totally explain why this book was a 2.5 star for me.


1. The worlds worst editor should have caught the many many many misspellings and errors in this book. (My 11 year old could have caught most of them).


2. The first third of the book was told to us. It wasn't a good story it was stilted, it was confusing, it needs a lot of help.


3. I don't like the main heroine. She is just such a blah character...


But, there was so much I did like about this story. And once the author got comfortable writing it, you could tell.


If you are hardcore into fantasy (ignore the non-fantasy beginning and just stick with it) you will love this book.


I have a feeling the next book will be better...Not sure about this, but this feels like a first book by an author...This series has real promise.