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Elly Helcl

Damn Author Rules...

     And I freaking did it to MYSELF!!!!!


I have a few rules about writing...


One book with the Editor.


One book Currently being written.


One book on the back burner...In a notebook so I don't lose the important details...it also serves as the rough outline.


All other ideas get relegated to the "ideas" folder on my desk top.


Well, 'Aria's Redemption ~ The Path to Destiny Book Three' is with the editor.


I am currently writing 'Betrothed to the Vampire' a YA novella (I think...maybe short story).


And on the back burner is this really fantastic idea about Zombies...it is TOTALLY different than any other take on Zombies that I have ever heard. Every time I touch it I want to write it SO BAD!!! BUT, my rules prevent me from doing that until I finish the current WIP...


Sigh, I have thought about throwing the YA book onto the back burner but my own Rules prevent me from doing it...HELL...I tried. And I gave up after a few minutes because I know better than to have two WIP going...I start mixing up characters and there is a big crossover between the stories that happens...


Guess tomorrow I am going to hit the ground running and try to wrap up Betrothed!!! I really, really want to get to that other book...I think it is going to be EPIC!