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Elly Helcl

Reviews to come

No seriously...it is the Holiday Season and in my house that means a very busy mama.


1. Lasagna pans for the neighbors...Hey, it may be Christmas but how many cookies and fruit pies can one house handle???? I give the gift of one home cooked meal that they don't have to cook.


2. Presents...and this year, I had that done black friday.


3. Lot's and lot's of monkey wrenches this year...I have had tons of appointments and I am going to be having a surgery on December 31st! 


I am reading sporadically right now but I just don't have the time for reviews...but, I will be getting to them. Probably after Christmas though.


Anyhow, the whole point to this rambling it to tell people I am still here. I haven't abandoned Booklikes. It's just 'Tis the Season' to be lacking any kind of time. :)