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Elly Helcl

What a total let down!

The Light Within Me - Carly Fall

Grr....second time writing this because I hit ONE errant button and it deleted my entire review!!! 


Anyhow...lets just start with the bad...


1. The author was great at disappointing you. She would lead you into this scene you just knew would be awesome, and then.....TWO WEEKS LATER!!!!

2. The warriors in this book are "pre-programed" to become witless ninnies if they fall in love...and they do become absolutely annoying creatures after they fall in love.

3. Much of the book was stilted, needed a lot more content editing.


The good.


1. The author was good at creating a climatic feeling....she didn't deliver but the feeling was there.

2. With a solid re-write this could easily be a four star book.

3. If the series was rewritten, I would happily re-read this book.


The book was predictable because the author took foreshadowing too far. There was so much to love and so much to hate...


But if you like new idea's (beings who are wisps of smoke but become humans to fit in on our planet), if you like predictable books and easy reads, this may be for you...


I seriously am interested in the re-write and I hope the author does it someday.