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Giveaway ends this Saturday!

Okay, not trying to be a spammer, but I have about 20 more followers since the last time I posted this...


In celebration of finishing and almost being ready to publish the final book in my trilogy, I am doing a book giveaway!


Tia's Folly : The Path to Destiny Book One, currently has 25 ecopies available and only 16 people requesting a copy! The giveaway ends this Saturday!




Najia's Sacrifice : The Path to Destiny Book Two, will be listed as a giveaway from Nov. 30th until December 21st! 


The date isn't final yet, but within a few weeks of the final giveaway, Aria's Redemption : The Path to Destiny Book Three will be released!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Aria took much longer to write than originally anticipated. As a Bi-Polar author, I struggle to meet deadlines sometimes...I am doing my best, I promise :)