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Empire : In Her Name

In Her Name: Empire - Michael R. Hicks

I have put off writing the review for this book for a couple of days now.

It was good...really good (refer to the star rating)...But, as usual I have a few gripes.

1. In the beginning of the book the Keelans are described in a way that had me thinking about monstrous shapes and sizes, blue skin, horrendous ripping claws, and hideous fangs....but later on in the book, the Keelans are described as having blue skin and being humanoid? 

2. There are parts of the book that skip 2 years (this one was okay), and another that skips TWELVE years! That would have been okay except for one thing...the relationships hadn't changed at all with the skip. That doesn't happen and took away from the book.

3. The author starts this book with about TEN pages you have to skip before you even get to page ONE!

But, with that said and over with...

This book was awesome! I am almost afraid to read more of the series though...I have a feeling it is going to turn into a Star Wars fanfic and I really have zero interest in that kind of book. To be honest, I have no idea how this got onto my kindle in the first place...but, I am glad it was. I am pleased with this book, I honestly couldn't put it down!

I recommend this book to anyone who likes sci-fi and who enjoys a very descriptive book. I will warn you...it is almost impossible to put this book down!