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Horrorscape  - Nenia Campbell

Wow...this book was really good!

I like to start with the bad though...

1. Pried continued to be prized. Literally. I am not sure how you can prize something out of someone's hand but in this book you can. I encourage the author to find an editor...

2. I hate wimpy female leads!!! Val isn't just wimpy, SHE has NO BACKBONE!!!

3. Not able to recognize the cause of your nightmares...Nope...not buying it.

Okay, on to the good.

1. Val always manages to redeem herself in the end with one small act of courage. 
2. I couldn't put this book down (I am an avid reader and I hate waiting to know what happens). I am so drawn in by this book, that I plan on immediately reading Terrorscape as soon as I finish writing this review!!!
3. Realism. This crap happens in real life. Thankfully, my former stalkers aren't nearly as twisted as this one!

This book is insanely good. The series is insanely good. If you enjoy books that have you on the edge of your seat, get this series! 

But to the author, seriously...place an ad for an editor on Craigslist. I found one that only charges me $250 per book and she rocks! This book would have been a five star if not for all of the editing issues.