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Fated (The Vampire Destiny Series Book #1) - Alexandra Anthony

It was fine...but it wasn't great. Not enough to get me to read another book in the series anyhow.

I think the whole point of contention for me was how predictable the book was...And, what is with this new thing of lead females who are NOT looking for a man but fall into bed with the first one who gives them attention?

The start to this book was a little weird too. It shows the h meeting the H from the H's POV and then the next chapter switches to the h's POV. I was lost for a few pages there...

This book was just a bunch of fluff to me. There was never any real sense of urgency. I never felt like I couldn't put the book down...instead, it was just there if I was in the mood to read. Because of this, I read the book in a MONTH!!! A book usually takes me hours (unless I am really busy), maybe a day or two.

I guess if you like fluffy vampire books with a LOT of sex, this one is a good book. I just wasn't all that pulled in by the sex scenes either...and I like erotica.