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Witch Hollow and the Wrong Spell - I.D. Blind I kind of feel bad for two starring this book. It wasn't terrible but I also didn't finish it. I read until 39% done.

So what happened that I threw the towel in and stopped?

Well, I just couldn't get into the story. I really tried. It seemed like at any moment is was going to take off and be really interesting...but by 39% it just hadn't drawn me in.

Also, at 38% (on my Kindle Touch), I started running into missing words and sentences. A few pages into 39% and it was still happening. About that time I sat back and asked myself if I would be bothered by not finishing this book (Sometimes a book will stick in my head and demand my attention). My answer was no. So, I decided that this book too is going onto my DNF list.

I did pick the book up for free. The author, after I one starred another one of her books, sent me the link to this one during a free promotion. I read the blurb and thought "hey, this doesn't sound too bad".

Well, it wasn't a bad book. Generally speaking, for those who enjoy YA books and witchcraft, it isn't bad at all...But, it just didn't have that special something that can draw you in and make the real world disappear for me.

If you enjoy YA books, that are kind of cutesie, and definitely written for the 12-16 age range, this maybe an okay book for you.

If you want your books to be a little wilder and a little crazy, look somewhere else.

I would have liked to see the story be a little more urgent than it was.