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Elly Helcl

Shadow Lord (Shadow Lord, #1) - D.R. Castle This entire book alternated between feeling like a solid first draft, an outline, and a good book.

How so?

Well, at times, the story felt like you were reading an outline. Instead of the characters thoughts, or dialogue, you just got the bare bones of the story.

At other times, there would be dialogue but the story was still being "told" to you instead of shown to you.

The best times were when there was dialogue AND the characters walked you through the story.

This book could so easily be a five star book! The premise was awesome! The magic, the story, the characters...It could easily be made into a movie!

The main character, Lorren, is "renamed" part ways through the book. That was something I found weird and a little...distracting.

But, the characters weren't well rounded and much of the story telling is so stilted it is almost impossible to force yourself to read it.

I encourage this author to do a second version of this book...one where he re-writes the entire story, adds some dialogue, and definitely takes out a good chunk of the narrating. As a reader I want to read the story...not have it told to me.

I received this book for free in exchange for my honest review.