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Where's Elly been this year?

This is just a quick explanation of where I have been this year and why I keep popping in for a day or two and then disappearing on everyone.


1. I had weight loss surgery on 12-31-13. While I healed from my surgery I really wasn't writing or reading. I just kind of hung out at home.


2. In March, when I finally started feeling better, I had a pre-planned family vacation to Florida for 8 days to check out the state and see if we wanted to move here...we did.


3. My house sold almost immediately and on April 30th we left MN for Florida...but we are adventurous people and we moved with an RV, a mini-van, two adults, two kids, and three cats...We were in the RV for 3 months.


4. On July 31st, we finally closed on a new house in Florida!!! But, from then we have been dealing with contractors fixing their mistakes.


5. So, this last week I got determined to get back on Booklikes and get some of the dozens of reviews I need to write done... Well...

     - Then, one of the contractors decides this Thursday is the day to get the new cabinets installed in the kitchen...which means I have to stop on wall repairs and painting, get the kitchen 100% of the way cleaned out, and get prepared for the new cabinets to be installed.

     - And, last night, my husband was in an accident and totaled out his vehicle. Which means dealing with insurance and finding him a new vehicle.


This is how my year has been going...it has been crazy busy and crazy hectic!!!!


I promise, when things slow down I will be back on here more consistently, but that just isn't possible for this week and probably next week.


I have inadvertently let down many people this year. I am sorry if you are waiting for a review and it hasn't been posted. Chances are I have read the book and the review is just backlogged.


I do content editing for a friend and I haven't gotten much done for her this year either. All I can say is I am trying. I am doing my best...


And I PROMISE, it will get better soon =) It has too!!! Life honestly can't get any crazier than it has been this year!


Thank you for sticking with me through this year! I promise I will be back soon with more book related posts. And hopefully I will be posting about finishing up a short YA that I started last year. Ugh! It has been a rough one! But once these cabinets are in and my husband has a vehicle, I should start to find some time.




And, as I frequently remind people, I am bi-polar. This year has been so stressful that it triggered an episode for me...I am starting meds for it soon so hopefully they help and I can start to function like a "normal" person again. =) I look forward to rejoining the world of books and reviews!