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Really not my cup of tea.

Luke's Brutal Abduction - The Whole Story - Brad Vance

So, somehow these authors find me, and they ask me to review their stuff without looking at previous reviews of "similar" stuff...


Apparently, I need to have a disclaimer about things I don't want to read ever again.


1. I am super straight. No interest whatsoever in crossing that line.


I gagged multiple times when reading this novel. I can handle the "rough" scenes, I can handle just about everything....BUT A2M IS DISGUSTING!!! 


I get gay guys more than I get lesbians...I can totally understand wanting dick...but that leads me into...


2. Two dudes kissing just ruins my day.


Why is it all of the really really hot guys in these books are gay? That is enough to ruin a straight girls fantasies for a month. 


Seriously...how is this not depressing.


3. I just can't get into it.


The horror I feel when reading about A2M...or when Jizz is exchanged orally...or any of those other disgusting things... it just doesn't do it for me...


So please, if you are an author and want me to review your books, ask yourself this...Is it about gays/lesbians? If so, I probably have very little interest in it...reading a book with your nose wrinkled the entire time isn't a whole lot of fun.