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Elly Helcl

Ultimatum - Gemma James

I'm not a prude...in fact, I am far from a prude...
But, this one disturbed me...
Kayla has been badly traumatized by her ex-husband and has a 3 year old in the hospital who is dying of cancer. She steals from her boss to pay for the treatment of said daughter...

The boss (Gage) demands that she become his slave for 6 weeks or he will send her to prison. Kayla agrees...and boss proceeds to beat her (after seeing the scars she carries from being stabbed by her ex-husband), and proceeds to have anal sex with her (even after learning she was anally raped by the ex).

Nope...no redemption from that in my eyes and it completely turned me cold.

Some things you just can't come back from. And Gage crossed too many lines for me.