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Elly Helcl

Argh! I have to get to writing these stupid reviews.

For the first time in a long time I am not looking forward to writing my reviews of these books. None of them stood out...most of them were mediocre, and a few I DNF'd...


One person requested a review from me, and then sent me a book in another language...nope, sorry, I only read english.


I apologize for defending SPA's...no seriously...as an SPA I apologize for defending anyone from this group. 


This latest batch (about 15 books with almost 100 to go) has me seriously doubting that I will take on an SPA's review request anytime soon.


It is called an EDITOR!!! Heck, an unpaid beta reader could have fixed most of the issues I have seen in these books!


I am so tired of calling SPA's out on not using the serivces of an editor!! 


I am tired of reading their rushed, not well thought out, jumble of crap.


I think I need to skip reading for review and read some historical romances or big name authors for a few weeks...one of these books got on my nerves so much that I deleted it from my kindle and refused to review it!!!


Now, I think I understand why my books sales aren't great and why it is so hard to get a review...


I AM an SPA and I get flooded with SPA requests for reviews. It makes me feel like a heel for asking for reviews (I rarely get them...but I have tried in the past).


Sigh, rant over...


I will be posting lighting fast, not well thought out reviews on a bunch of these books...

In my opinion, I should only give back to a book as much effort as the author put into making it marketable...Is that mean?