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Elly Helcl

So, I am back from Florida.

I am tan and home in the frozen tundra of Minnesota (hopefully it thaws out soon here). While I was gone I was hoping to have more book sales than I did...( I won't say how many but the number was LOW).


I am getting frustrated with this being an SPA thing. I would like to see my books at least pay for themselves (writing books and publishing properly is expensive). 


How do people manage to get discovered? I have tried the traditional route and it didn't go so well...probably because I am not very good at pitching my book.


Sigh, I am always so hopeful and frequently very disappointed. The worst part is that I am not really even all that worried about the money part...I just want people to read my books and enjoy them (or not...personal taste comes into play here too).


I can see why so many people try their hand at being an SPA and then give up. It is tough...