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Elly Helcl

10 Random things about me!

Just jumping on the craze...just in case anyone is interested.


1. I had weight loss surgery 12-31-2013. In seven weeks I have gone from 223, to 188. 


2. I am married to a man that is 19 years older than me =) I am not his trophy wife and he is not my sugar daddy; we are actually a love match.


3. May 27th 1998, I gave birth to my first child, my last and fifth child was born on June 19th 2004. I had five babies in six years...and all were born before my 23rd birthday :O


4. I have been writing books since I was 11 years old...my problem was never being able to finish them. It took me until I was 28 to finish my first book.


5. When I was 15 I had the best summer EVER!!! Unfortunately, all of my fun landed me in a treatment facility for 8-9 months and slapped one of my friends with a nasty felony (thankfully he didn't end up doing any jail time).


6. I am Bipolar but I also have borderline personality disorder. I have spent years deliberately hiding that (from everyone...my therapist included). 


7. ONE sex scene in all of my books, wasn't taken from my own bedroom ;) 


8. I plan on moving from Minnesota to Florida this year.


9. Almost every shirt I own is purple...I really like the color purple.


10. I don't like babies...never have...My own kids are fine and when I was a babysitter it was fine...but now, as an adult, I don't want anything to do with babies...I just hope it changes when I become a grandma.