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The Angel & Her Gun (Angelic Agents Series) - Kate Copeseeley

This is basically sold chapter by chapter...one of my pet peeves...BUT...it gets worse...


The "book" starts out with the main character, an angel, having been lured out into the desert and knocked unconscious...two kids on a horse come upon her and tell her that this guy killed their dad for his land...they lead her to the nearest town and she helps them. She runs into an old flame and goes from being so exhausted that she can't stand up, to boinking him all night. The next day she confronts the dude that "murdered" the kids dad and finds out that the kids killed him for 20 gold...she kills the dude they originally accused, his lackeys shot at the kids and she jumped in the way. Kids get their gold, she leaves...can't heal for some reason but heads out of town...This town in the wild west...in the middle of the desert...suddenly gets trees for her to hide out in. Her lover finds her, fixes her, and they plan to head to california. The end.


Why on earth would I purchase the next one? I should NOT be able to tell an entire book in that little of space. And it was STUPID...


For those who love their short series, this could be good for them...but it is dumb as hell and has so many holes it is ridiculous.