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Unfit - K. Hippolite

I am a little annoyed with this author right now...It was longer than some authors have done, but still....this is a novel, broken up into sections to maximize the profit potential of a book.


Does that even work? I mean, if you take a singular novel and break it into three pieces, and sell the pieces for 99 cents each, wouldn't it be basically the same as one novel at 2.99?


Sigh, anyhow, this is the story of Kwan, a telepath. She is from the "wrong" side of the tracks and her boyfriend is rich...


This is a tough story to explain. Some aspects are really really old school (Kwan makes a formal dress for meeting her boyfriends parents), the tax collectors use horses to audit people...but there are flying cars and an electrical transit system....


This story is so at odds with itself that it is fascinating. It honestly took me about half way through the book to start figuring things out and really starting to enjoy it...but...


1.There is this Robert dude who keeps popping up for unknown reasons.

2.Her boyfriends parents don't like her but move her in with them to tutor her...***Spoiler alert*** and the girl that the boyfriends mom wants him to marry is there too!

3. The boyfriend gives me bad juju vibes.


Anyhow, if you don't mind a series, this isn't a bad series to start. Once it picks up, it really picks up. It is interesting and I plan on picking up the rest of this series if I ever manage to get my TBR list under control.