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So close...

Memories of Magic - Paige Stone

     This novella had ALL of the makings of a great fantasy romance....But, it fell way short of being a good book.


1. I hate being "told" instead of shown in a book.

2. It was rushed and not well presented.

3. The ONE sexy scene in the book had PAGES of foreplay....get to the punch line and it was ONE paragraph...sigh...what a tease!


   Personally, it felt like a great outline, or first draft...but as a finished product it was just a race to the finish line.


1. I loved the story line...or at least what it COULD have been.

2. The characters are charming but not well developed.


   As an author, my hands itch (literally) to edit this thing for story line issues. I can see how to change this around so it flows and blossoms into a real book. It has such promise...


   Written as it is, I simply cannot recommend it to anyone. A first draft, stilted story line is impossible to read...I just hope the author chooses to rewrite this one someday...the promise is there...it just isn't delivered in this version.