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Something About You (Just Me & You) - Lelaina Landis

As an author I really hate writing bad reviews. I know how they feel...


That being said, this book has the most emotionally retarded thirty-something, supposedly professional woman, I have ever read.


I HATED the main character, Sabrina! Hated her!


She was full of internal angst, she was rude, mean, selfish....and those were her GOOD qualities.


And then, there was Gage. Sigh...a man who bordered on perfect according to me (I like spunk in my guys). He was everything a woman could hope for...and he fell for Sabrina. 


The character's that I would have rather read a book about were...


1. Molly ~ Sabrina's best friend.

2. Carlton ~ Sabrina's flaming gay co-worker.

3. Gage ~ Yes, Sabrina's Gage...I would love to know more of what was going on in his head.

4. Nola ~ Sabrina's mom.

5. Les~ Sabrina's father.


If nothing else, many of the supporting characters were awesome. I really, really liked Gage...


So, what was so bad about Sabrina specifically?


1. She hurts everyone around her over and over and over and over...

2. She knows she owes them an apology but doesn't want to be the one to reach out first.

3. She is unforgivably evil to her step family and her best friend...and they forgive her with barely a blink.

4. She has zero self esteem.

5. She has no back bone...being a mean evil bitch is different than growing a back bone.

6. She allows her fears to drive her out of Gage's life on the one day that he actually needs, NEEDS her!

7. She is the kind of woman I hate....She wants to stand on the roof tops and scream "I am woman hear me roar!!" BUT, only after she has been carried to the roof top and is held securely by a man on either side, while she teeters in her stiletto's on that roof....


This books could have used an Epilogue...it ended a little abruptly.


I want to be able to recommend this book...so someone...to anyone...but unless you enjoy a female lead, as described above, this is probably not your cuppa.


I did receive this book through the giveaway's here at booklikes.