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Elly Helcl

Some people are just rude!

Someone went to my blog and anonymously posted a comment that said:


If your blog is any indication of your writing talents, save your money, as publishing anything will not be fruitful.


Now, I don't think that I am on level with Stephen King or V.C. Andrews, but I am not that bad! I admit that you have to get past the first 30 pages of Tia's Folly before it becomes something worth reading...but in my defense, there is so much information I need to get out so the rest of the book makes sense!


Sigh, I hope my actual readers disagree. My editor disagrees, my beta reader disagrees, and I know a few of my fans (those NOT related to me since relatives are a horrible indication of how good of a writer you actually are) disagree.


I am a newer writer. Step by step, little by little...My books are professionally done. I pay for a cover artist, I pay for an editor, and I give each book my all.


Pity Party OVER! 


Thank you so much for everyone that supports me! 


I know I am the author, but my books are well thought out, well planned, and well executed! If someone gives them a shot, I think they will agree!