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The bad...I like starting this way. Then I get it out of the way and leave you with the warm fuzzies.

1. Again...pried is not prized. Very different words. I have no idea why that one has to be the one that just drives me insane, but it is.

2. I can't believe Amazon banned this book but not either of mine...

3. I really get frustrated with "endings" that leave me with multiple questions...that IS NOT an ending.

The good...Hehe...

Val grew a pair! WOOHOO! She finally did what she should have done a long long time ago! See, she always does something to make me forgive her for being such a wimp!

OMG! I read this book and the second book in this series today...and I am hard pressed not to pick up another one of Nenia's books right now and start on a third! Her writing is outstanding (still need to get an editor on board)!

The twists, the turns, the absolute depravity of this authors mind!!! It rivals my own! But this author writes a darker kind of story...one that takes you into the horror and keeps you there.

I did find a few times that the inner monologues were unnecessary. The paragraphs of thought between a question asked and the answer felt odd.

That being said...Good job Nenia! I have no idea why Amazon would ban this book...I have scene's far worse than this in one of my books...They are just being butts!