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Elly Helcl

The Billion Dollar Girl - I.D. Blind I think this book could have been a really good book. Instead it felt more like an outline instead of a story.

Let me just say up front, I did NOT finish this book. I tried. I really tried.

This book just felt like a really long gossip session to me. There was no real depth or meaningful descriptions. I guess the word I am looking for it dry...and seriously in need of editing.

Let's look at these two sentences...
"Her first time having sex was a disaster, but the next day, during a lunch with young fashionistas, she bragged about how amazing and life-changing and experience it was and said she wished she had done it earlier, for there was nothing like sex on silken sheets."
"The only one admiring her was her Joey-her boyfriend-whom she considered a loser and a wreck, for he was neither famous nor as rich as she wanted, but whom she kept dating, for all of her friends had boyfriends, and it gave them the opportunity to act like grown-ups, to be escorted to parties and bitch about their jealousies, and also because she had found out all of her friends had already had sex and kept talking about their experiences, while she was still considered naive and was mocked by her friends."

The first sentence SHOULD have been broken into three sentences, and the second sentence I quoted should have been...I don't know...an entire paragraph? That is one sentence!

I do not recommend this book at all. I think the author should take a hard look at her book and have it edited. It desperately needs an edit and depth. Even as a book that is supposed to be a satyr and humorous, it should still do more than graze the surface of a story.

Edited, because I accidentally added punctuation and capitalization that wasn't in the book...