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Elly Helcl

The Ambassador of Pleasure - Roxanne Packard In full disclosure, I should first state that I know this author personally and I work with her on her books. Not only do I beta read for her, but I help her to create her covers and publish her books. But I do NOT derive any benefit, financial or otherwise, from these activities. We are friends, and we are both writers.

That being said, "The Ambassador of Pleasure" is still my favorite book by this author and it has nothing to do with our relationship or my lending my name for use in this book.

The story follows Elly Helcl (see, I literally lent my name to this book ^_^), a stay-at-home mom with twin girls and two boys. Elly isn't your typical mom - she is also a nudist and is in a polygamist/very open relationship. On top of all of that, Elly is a queen in a society that believes sex IS the way to worship their Gods. As part of being a queen, she cannot refuse to have sex with ANYONE. Because of this, she ends up being an Ambassador for Earth...in ways that are way too fun to describe in a review. ;)

The absolute best part of the book...well, I don't want to ruin it for you...but let's just say that she ends up on a planet that holds VERY different views from her own. I would never have survived!

"The Ambassador of Pleasure" is perfect for those who don't want a garden variety, watered-down love story. There is a little bondage, a ton of sex scenes, a solid and interesting storyline, and muliple sex partners (to put it mildly)—all wrapped up in a happily ever after!

If you wish to give this author a try, "The Ambassador of Pleasure" is definitely the book to pick up! Not only is it her best work (in my opinion), but it is also a really great book. This is one of few books that I have five-starred...and it deserves it!