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Just a Girl... - Sarah Reid This isn't a well written long novel. This is the short story of one girl who comes from a long history of sexual abuse.

It appears to be the history of the author.

Sometimes, the apology isn't enough. Sometimes, the only way to begin to heal is to tell someone. The author doesn't say if she has told her parents, but in this way she has chosen to tell the world.

As a sexual abuse survivor, I know exactly how this feels. It is an incredibly horrible lonely time of a child's life.

I hope the author takes this story and expands on it someday. This felt like a quick, in your face, this is what happened so deal with it, I am going to explode if I don't get this secret off of my chest, kind of novella.

There is another side to having been a victim, it is becoming a survivor and learning to trust again.