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Silencing Breath (Stealing Breath, #2) - Joanne Brothwell I received this book for free for my honest review...

Okay, I really enjoyed book one...But book two...wow...Let's hit the negatives...

1. This particular scene really bothered me...I quote...
"Inside the Mercedes was still cool, thanks to the air conditioning, but the reading on the rear-view mirror showed the outside temperature to be hovering around thirty degrees. And while I wasn't looking forward to the heat wave outside..."

Please tell me you caught that...I live in Minnesota and even WE don't call thirty degrees a HEATWAVE!!

That just really bothered me for some reason...maybe because it is "spring" and winter still has my state in her deadly grip.

2. Every sentence with dialouge looks like this...-Jerry. I can't believe you're in on this.(ermm...how do you make a equal sign standing on end?)"

3. Here is an excerpt from a page...
A blast of cheers rang out, followed by the chanting of a Silencing Breath/Brothwell


single word, over and over.


They were chanting about me.

4. The fabulous, wonderful hottie that we have come to know and love turns into a crazy prick after being tortured horrendously. And he stays a mute prick throughout the book...Yay...thanks.

Once I figured out what all of the formatting weird things were and how to jump around a little more smoothly, things went well with the book. I was a little frustrated at how STUPID this book made the main character though...In the first book she was brave and new and really awesome. In the second book she was a self centered brat whose only concerns seemed to be about herself and what she wanted. Multiple people die because she wants to save her boy toy...but even after being captured once by the bad guys, she rushes in, completely unprepared and gets caught a second time...

Definition of insanity? The main character...Sarah.

So, I WILL read the third installment...I am hoping that wonderful spirit and energy that encompassed the first book will make an amazing reappearance and save this series...It was off to such a promising start!