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Elly Helcl

Open Wound - Blackie Noir This book was written from the perspective of a pussy-whipped, now former boxer, with an alcohol and drug problem, and not a single person in his life that he can trust.

It started off...a little oddly, and I was quickly wondering what the hell I had gotten myself into.

And then the book picked up, and got interesting. There were some points to the plot that I had no problem guessing, and others that I thought were good twists...

BUT...isn't there always the but?

After all of the intrigue, the sex, the murder, the scandal, the woven strands finally coming together....

The author blew it.

Yep. You got it. With the last chapter of the book, s/he blew it.

After a book as twisted and as uncomplicated as this one is, it is a shock to discover that the ending could mean two different things...If I knew how to insert video clips, I would have a little shot of a toddler going from happy to full blown fit in less than five seconds displayed here...

Have you ever seen Reservoir Dogs? At the end, Mr. Pink appears to be the only person who gets away...but if you listen closely, you hear sirens and a shoot out...but you never learn what happens to Mr. Pink.

This author does a similar stunt at the end of his/her book. And I just hate endings like that.

There isn't going to be a book two...This is how the author ACTUALLY chose to end their book.

Sigh...Fine. I am not re-reading this book...and I am warning you...if you like definitive endings to your books, avoid this one...If you were a fan of the Reservoir Dogs kind of ending...you may dig this book.