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Her Romance with A Human - A Sexy Paranomal Romance Novel (Book #1) - Jodie Long If the author had this as a complete book...maybe I would buy the book...but not this!!!

Double spaced this is a 13 page book...it is part of a "series" BUT the author has only written and published this ONE in the last YEAR!

If you like reading your books, a few paragraphs at a time, and then not pick it back up for at least a year before you read the next paragraph? Then this is the "book" for you!!!

The writing is choppy, the story is stilted, and it was a few pages long.

Let me be nice about this one...Don't waste your money. At 99 cents it is over priced. Heck! At free it is overpriced! Who wants to read the first few pages of a story and never get to read the rest of it? Not me!