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Elly Helcl

Triple Threat (Triple Threat Part 1) - Bella Jeanisse Wow...incredibly juicy story!

I had a little issue with Crystal, the heroine. It was always the best orgasm she had every had, and she cried constantly during sex, and she ALWAYS had multiple orgasms...except with the dude with a problem...

Anyhow, she has the two incredibly sexy, caring, fun guys and she kind of does them both wrong...but it is okay because they both love her and just want her to be happy?

Well...It was good enough (way better than good) that I am happy to read the next book in the series.

If the next one is this hot, I may need a few cold showers to get through it.

I did receive a copy of this book for free in exchange for my honest review. Trust me when I say, if I hadn't of liked it, I would have said that.

My biggest hope for book two is that the author redeems Crystal. I don't want to be left feeling disappointed by an erotic book.