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That Friday (That Weekend, #1) - Karl Jones,  Ayla  Page From the very beginning of this book, I felt as though it was a little...off.

Then the "romantic" scenes started. From there it just became...well...

The book felt like a weird form of foreplay for someone. That is about when I backed out of the book on my kindle and saw that it was written by two different people.

I can understand being a writer but at 38 percent into this book, I just couldn't find the interest to finish it. If you want to tease someone, that is all fine...

But, I lost count of how many times Charlie had to force himself to touch her further...or how many times he wasn't ready to do something to Tess.

Then, as things are finally starting to progress (but just barely), Tess has an entire paragraph where she thinks about how Charlie knew nothing of how to rouse her and of how her body works...and then she thinks that it doesn't matter, just his newness was enough to bring her pleasure.

Finally, Charlie is described as "pinching" Tess's nipple in such a way that I literally had the thought "tuning in Tokyo!". That isn't sexy or erotic...

And then I decided I was done. I tried to give the book a few more pages...I really did...but I couldn't get over the, not so subtle, foreplay between the authors. It was ridiculous, it was silly, and over all, It was far from erotic.