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Walking Dead Girl (Vampireland, #1) - Jessica Roscoe Have I mentioned lately that I LOVE snarky women?

Well, I do. And the main character in this book was full of so much fire, spice, and brimstone, I was angry with myself for not having read it sooner!

This is part of a series, and it is a great book. I will happily shell out whatever price this author is asking for the rest of the series!

Seriously, the main character is kidnapped by vampires and never bows down to them. Through being "Turned" and all of the things that happen after, she is strong and resilient!

There was a "moment of weakness" that very nearly shattered my love of the main character...I hate weak willed women! But, it was pretty much at the very end and I have to believe that the snark and attitude that is so clearly ingrained into this woman's DNA will make a happy return in book two.

4.5 stars from me!

So far, this is a YA book but I expect that to change as the series goes on...I could be wrong but book one just hints at so much more to come.