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Elly Helcl

For the Love of Kira - Roxanne Packard I do beta reading for Roxanne and I have been her friend for the last 16 years. If her writing sucked, I would tell her and it would be included in my review.

ARGH!!! I hated the ending! No HEA...okay well...there is an HEA just not in the way one would expect from a romance.

But, I really enjoyed this story. No really....I am so blessed to get all of Roxie's books for free! She is a great writer and a fantastic story teller.

This book is full of threesome's, girl on girl action (shudders in horror), and thing's that make you go hummm. And that is what will keep you coming back for more!

Too much fun and way too much lesbian scene's for me! But, beyond all of that is a storyline. And it's a winner!