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Live your Joy - Bonnie St. John Why write a series of novella's instead of combining them into a single book?

I don't have the answer but many authors have been doing it lately and that is one of my huge pet peeves!!!

On to the book...This book starts out very confusing. It is hard to follow and almost impossible to completely understand. It does get better...the editing though, leaves something to be desired.

Now, I suck at grammar and editing...but even I was picking out the issues. There were some formatting issues that I growled at (incomplete sentences in a few places or just the end of a sentence), there were simple mistakes that a paid editor should have caught (first letter of a sentence not capitalized, missing words, ect.), and a beta reader could have smoothed this story immensely!!

Ultimately, I don't know if I will purchase the next book in the series. I would like to know where the story goes but I am not sure I want to get into it if it is going to continue on for more than a book or two. Trilogies are my okay but anything more than that and the book needs a warning lable (as in PART OF A SERIES!!!)

I give kudos to the writer for the fact that the story DID pick up and it DID get way better than the beginning. But...it felt like it was ended in the middle of a book. Instead of a complete story it feels like you got maybe half of it...This is NOT a stand alone book. It IS part of a series.