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Elly Helcl

Tendrils of Life: A story of love, loss, and survival in the turmoil of the Korean War - Owen Choi I don't even know where to begin with this book...

About the book.

This book follows Jimin, a young man in Korea, during the war. He is constantly struggling to do the right thing, to take care of his sister, and to get home.

So much factual history in this book. I actually cried at the end when I read that much of the horror you read in this book actually happened.

My one beef...well...is the wishy-washy ending. However, how could the ending NOT be that way? Even today Korea still isn't at peace.

This books is well written. History and war buff's will appreciate this book. Heck, even if you AREN'T a history or a war buff, it is worth reading.

I feel so bad for the fictional characters but I am also very glad they weren't real people. The depressing thought is the idea that this very thing probably happened to many many people during that time period.

Man, I am still reeling emotionally from that ending. I just don't know what else to say about this book.

Pick it up, read it for yourself. If nothing else, it tells you the horror of war from the civilians view point. And it is worth knowing what actually happened.