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Elly Helcl

the barefoot billionairess - K. Sutra I dnf'd this short book at 8% because of the multiple cheesy lines in the beginning...

This woman is talking to a court appointed therapist about committing felony assault. She is disagreeing with the police report and giving her version of the events...and this is the next paragraph...

"I see," says the psychiatrist, stroking his beard, wondering what Billionairess Jacqueline Stahl looks like naked. What color panties is she wearing? Does she like to have her toes sucked? In her mid-50's, she really is striking looking.

Sigh...I don't care what genre you are writing/reading, that paragraph is AWFUL!!!!

After this happening multiple times, I just decided the blandness, the unedited horror, was too much for me.

Yes, I have grammar issues in this review...but, this isn't being published for sale. This is a review and merely my opinion.

But seriously. If you know anything about grammar, just avoid this one. It is bad enough that it becomes painful to turn the page...and I LOVE erotica! But this? This is a turn off.