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The Unfortunate Soul - K.M. Long OMG! I can't believe I finished this book! No seriously, this book isn't just LONG, it is LOOOONNNNNGGGG! I feel like I have been reading it forever. If I had to guess on it's length, I would say think 'Gone With the Wind' long.

So, onto the review.

For the love of God, the typo's! Sack instead of sake, coronation is spelled wrong half a dozen times, grammar, punctuation...In this massive book I could go on and on about the typos, so lets leave it at this...They occur frequently. Think almost every page.

The storyline itself wasn't bad. It didn't give you a sense of urgency or for hundreds of pages.

Worse, the book was shockingly predictable. All the way up until 60% it felt like a blatant rip off of the Little Mermaid. I knew coming into this book that the story was about Ariel's relative, a couple hundred years or so later. But, once I started reading the book, it followed the Little Mermaid too closely for comfort.

Around 60% this finally became a book worth reading...but that means to get to the good stuff, you have to read about 600 pages of material...that is...Well, I don't want to be rude to the author but the predictability, the blandness...well, it was just a kind of boring read for a while.

And then you got to the last 40% of the book. This is where the author finally let her creative juices flow and wrote something worthy of reading! The typos are still present but she finally manages to make you feel a sense of urgency, that something really important was about to take place, that place where you don't want to stop reading a book and you have a hard time putting it down (after 90% for me).

Edited...To finish review.

Ultimately, I found myself really confused by the ending. I allowed myself only a little bit of time to ponder it before I just got mad. After reading a book that is pushing 1000 pages, I was pissed that the author didn't give it a clear ending.

For a YA book, the end does not have a HEA...instead it ia a nightmare that the main character is forced to endure and live with for eternity (we are told anyhow). There is a glimmer of...hope?...despair?...I am not sure, at the end. Like I said, the end was confusing. It really just blind sided you and made no sense.

Worthy of a read...if nothing else, this is a book you can pick up cheap, and read for a long time.

I would highly recommend the author to get a beta reader and take a class on how to use Word documents (or a class for whatever program she is running to write her books). Many of the punctuation mistakes are easy fixes if you know what you are doing.

The author is very young, I did find this book via KDP V of the A, and this is K.M. Long's debute book. I give her kudos for finishing her book.