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I've Been Deader - Adam Sifre As usual for me, I am going to give you the bad first...

1. I cannot believe a twelve year old is all that well read in Robert Frost...especially not one who spends all of his time playing his Nintendo DS. All that was missing was And...literally... (And) Miles to go before we sleep. It just immediately struck me as a blatant rip off of Robert Frosts 'Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening'.

2. Sometimes the chapter jumps didn't make any sense what so ever. As you got further into the book, it became easier to figure out why he had put some of this stuff into the book...but it wasn't apparent AT that time.

The Good.

1. I wanted to hate this book...however, it was really well written (other than being confused by the jumping around with the chapters). It was an engaging story that kept me interested. There were one or two parts that I kind of glazed over but, over all it was a good book that I would recommend to others.

2. It is a very different look at zombies. A fresh take on the Z-scene is a good thing to me. As a rabid zombie fan, it was a curious story and gives the readers a different view of the brainless, flesh-eating, monsters.

3. Though I was a little disappointed in the ending, it specifies that there is a part two...that I am sure will explain all of the gaps in the story because, it is a prequel.