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Cut Out for Love - Beth McGirt Adams, Greg W. Dixon This is a very good Chrisian YA book...it wasn't perfect but, I would classify it as Christian YA.

The bad...

The beginning was really tough to read. The story was stilted, hesitant, and didn't flow well. To be honest, it was painful. I found my eyes literally glazing over trying to get through it...Because of the comments here, I was determined to finish this book and see if the end was as bad as the beginning...surprisingly, it wasn't.

The Good...

The book was well edited and once you get passed 65% of the book, it does get better...in fact, it get's interesting. Not so interesting that you can't put it down, but interesting enough that if you did put it down you may wonder what happens next.


This book is written from one persons view point, you read her thoughts and follow her through out this book. She ultimately has to decided to either stay with her "perfect boyfriend" or leave him for her friend Josh. She leaves her boyfriend for Josh in the end...but it happens in a way that had been foreshadowed earlier on...but not like you expect.


This is a really good book for young Christian teenagers who want to read a nice story about learning what it means to love. I found myself wondering how the hey I got stuck reading this kind of sappy romance with no steamy love scenes...but, like I said, Christian YA.

The author should consider smoothing out the story and adding something to the book to make it flow better...the best part of the book is from 70% to the end.