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Elly Helcl

The Dwarves of Elvenshore - Clark Graham I enjoyed the book but ran into this problem that it was very forgettable. It was interesting enough to keep you engaged but not to enthralling that you "had" to get back to it.

I hate when books don't specify that it is part of a series. This book had kind of a strange ending where that specific journey was over but, it was left wide open for another book.

I think the biggest issue is that the book becomes redundant with similar scenes happening over and over. There are details that would have been nice to know...


The main character finds out that his "wife" was pregnant...but, the author never specified that the ONE night they were together had been anything more than the main character being shocked that he had just accepted a bride.


Overall it was a decent first book for an spa. It wasn't perfect (hey who is) but it was a good starting point for a new writer.