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Fearscape (Horrorscape, #1) - Nenia Campbell Let me be perfectly honest, for some reason, when I picked this book to read off of my kindle, I thought it was about zombies...22% of the way into the book, I had to come read the synopsis. I couldn't figure out when the zombies were coming in =) Lol! Never!

At first, I was very creeped out by the idea that a 14 year old girl was the intended target of a stalker. Mostly because I had one around that age.

The author did a wonderful job of illustrating how manipulative this kind of person can be. It is the kind of mental mind F@CK that is impossible to fully explain (humm...makes me wonder if the author was stalked at some point in her life, or if someone close to her was). The fact that the author did such a good job of that was surprising to me.

As far as YA Horror stories go, this was definitely a good one!

My biggest beef with the book was it started off really slow, and moved really slow. To be honest, it is probably part of it being a YA book. But on the flip side, it also makes sense when you look at stalking. It tends to start out slow and harmless and progressively get worse. That definitely follows the speed of the story.

Would I recommend this book? To someone who likes YA, yes. I normally try to walk(read) on the wilder side but this was still a fast, fun read for me.