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Shock #1: The Supreme Insult - Hamad Flatt Erm...umm...

I have been reading this book off and on for months. Let me just say this, while the ideas presented by the author are intriguing, they are also inherently flawed.



1. Women weren't delegated by men to be gatherer's and small game hunters for any nefarious reason. Women were gatherer's and men were hunters for one very simple reason. Children.

Women bear the children. For nine months out body is host to a little being. It doesn't make sense for women to be hunting large, dangerous game!

After giving birth, the mothers breasts are the sole source of food for her infant. Again, it doesn't make sense for a nursing mother to be out hunting dangerous game with an infant at her breast. Besides that, infants cry and would scare away anything she was hunting!

Women were the gatherers because they bear children. Why risk the life of your child to go hunting? It wouldn't make sense for the men or the women considering how few children survived beyond their first year back then!

2. Mermaids are a vaginal symbol. Yeah, maybe. But, this guy presents the idea like he is the first person on earth to have ever thought of that.

Yep. The jokes abound about Eve's vagina smelling, her taking a bath in the water, and that is why fish smell.

And a woman with the lower half of her body in the shape of a fish? Yeah...not that hard to figure out the connection.

I am surprised there aren't more references in history to mermaids and how it came about but it wouldn't surprise me for it to have been joke amoungst men in the beginning. Especially sailors.

3. BTW...the mermaid symbol is the "supreme insult" and translates into smelly cunt according to the author. Do I need to say more? This is supposedly the turning point in history and that image was used to remind women that they were inferior?


The author claims he has blown the lid off of pandora's box. I think he has rattled more than a few screws loose.

Needless to say I DNF this book. I had had quite enough by the time I hit 54%. The book is written in such a way that if I HAD to finish it, I would/could have. BUT,I don't have a good reason to finish this book.

I just got tired of yet another man telling me that he knew more about my vagina than I do...or the history of it anyhow.