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It's All Coming Back to Me Now - Lovely Whitmore Are you kidding me??? I am on a stretch of books that would make a saint pull their hair out!

Okay, this book had a very good premise. The woman (Latrease)gets into an accident and loses her memory. For unexplained (until the end) reasons, the man she has been dating doesn't tell her who he is.

She is pregnant and his whole family embraces her...

Life goes on, she doesn't remember her past, she gets farther into her pregnancy. She suddenly remembers, and then goes into labor.

While in the hospital, she maps out leaving him...As she leaves the hospital, he confesses everything...And then? It is their honeymoon night six weeks later and the end.

No really. Labor, plans to leave, suddenly you are at her honeymoon night.

No explanations, no talks about his lying to her for 7-8 months...Just bam. Honeymoon.

STUPID!!!! SERIOUSLY STUPID! GRRRR!!! I wasted MY time reading this!

I thought it was going to be a good book! I thought it was going to get three...maybe four stars...based on how the author chose to end the book...

Nope, the author blew it so badly that I am two starring this thing and slapping it with a recommendation for NO ONE to read it unless you really enjoy disappointment.

I am honestly pissed off. Who writes a book and then just decides they are done with it so they are going to chop the story in half and ruin it? What is the point of releasing a book to the public after you have destroyed it?

The story was about her finding her way back to him...and the author forgot to include that in her book. Period.

Just don't waste your time.