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Elly Helcl

Plague Zone - David Wellington I was so close to four staring this book. So close...

And then, I read the ending.

Yep, you can lose a star for an ending.

First of all, I get that zombies aren't all that realistic. But, how much more realistic is it to have a 6 year old be able to survive for MONTHS in a CAR all alone? Yeah, yeah...his mom had just packed the car with all the supplies in the world...enough to last a six year old for months?

I call bull on this authors ending and boo him. How can you write such a great story and then just flop like this at the end???


It was so totally worth the read. The book was interesting, the characters were believable, and it keep you interested from the word go...

Just...Don't expect a whole lot out of the ending.