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Kade's Dark Embrace - Kym Grosso In other circumstances I may have three starred this book...but...There were some things I couldn't get past.


Every time there was a "romantic" scene, the heroine would scream in pleasure....Really? Because he inserted a couple of fingers? Wow...she's easy to please.

Then, during those "romantic" scenes the author had the characters saying the corniest things...Like "Oh Kade, you feel so good.", You are so big, blah, blah, blah...

For me, the book alternated between being not so good and being interesting. Right up until the very end, I didn't really get drawn into the book. It was just like...eh...its a book.

There are lots and lots of things I could say about this book. It was interesting, it wasn't bad, but it was just so...corny. With a capital C, corny.