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Elly Helcl

Being Delightful - Shayne McClendon Big girl erotica isn't for anyone...in fact, not everyone should/or can write it.

This isn't true for this author. She not only nailed how fat girls think on the head, she also gave her fat girl a strong, wonderful man to carry (literally not figuratively) her through life.

But the best part of this book was the wit. It was on every page, it was snarky, it was silly, it was flat out sarcastic and our H and H were eating it up! I wondered how on earth the author could keep it up through out the entire story...but she did it!

I was so disappointed when this book ended! And then BONUS!!! There was another short story at the end of this one that was almost as good as this one!

Totally worth the buy and worth the time to read it!