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Dating A Cougar (Never Too Late #1) - Donna McDonald First, I had to get over my own weirdness to enjoy this book. Literally...at first, I was a little weirded out by the idea that this 50 year old woman was going to hook up with this 38 year old man...

And then I had an epiphany...Why is it okay for me to be married to a fifty year old man, when I am only thirty-one, if I am not okay with a similar scenario in a book???

Gender stereotype bleached from my brain!!!!! Okay, I was finally good to finish up this book!

And I really enjoyed it! Dating a cougar was fun, snarky, full of attitude, and exactly what I want out of a romance novel! (P.S. I HATE cloyingly sweet romance novels).

This book is just about a must read! If you enjoy snarky, and you enjoy romance novels, this is probably the perfect book for you.

Sigh...it is a stand alone but it is also part of a series...so, naturally, I am going to have to read the rest of these suckers eventually...it was just too fun to pass up!