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Love In The Falls: Sam & Camden - Rachel Hanna Okay, this was just ridiculously cute...No seriously...crazy cute in a weird way.

Camden is an engaged woman and her friend talks her into heading up to the falls for a girls day out.

Sam is a farm owner headed to the falls for a first date with a blind date that he knows is totally wrong for him the second he sets eyes on her...

At the falls, Sam has a stroke and doctor Camden is there to save the day. For whatever reason, she decides to stay and take care of him in the hospital...

I don't want to ruin the rest but, like I already said, it is ridiculously cute!

Maybe it just reminds me of my time in the hospital with my husband after his heart attack...but there is something incredibly enduring about this story.

A great read for a rainy day...it will make the sun shine in your heart :)